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Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation

We will help you recover the damages you are entitled to, including the financial resources that can cover your medical costs.

Estate Planning

We can provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that your loved ones will be provided for after you are gone.

Criminal Law

We have the skill and experience to protect you against today’s criminal charges and tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Family Law

Your family matters to us. We can help you make sense of where to go from here.

Exterior of Office Building of Murphy Collins McGill | PLC | Attorneys At Law
Exterior of the Office Building of Murphy Collins McGill | PLC | Attorneys At Law

Let Our Experience Guide You

When you or a loved one has severe injuries following a car crash, motorcycle collision, commercial trucking wreck, railroad crossing accident, dog bite or slip-and-fall incident, you may not know where to turn for help. In the midst of working to recover emotionally and physically from an accident, you may be facing the overwhelming task of negotiating with the negligent party or their insurance company as you seek restitution to cover your medical expenses, lost and future wages, and rehabilitation costs. In some cases, you may be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, although there are limits on the amount that the courts will allow for pain and suffering. Proving the other party’s negligence is pivotal to the success of your claim. It is a multifaceted, complex process that is best approached with the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Our team at Murphy, Collins & McGill, PLC, is comprised of highly skilled attorneys who have been negotiating and litigating personal injury claims and workers’ compensation cases for decades. We can help you understand your legal options and develop a strategy tailored to recovering the maximum compensation for your circumstances. We are prepared to step in and cut through the red tape that’s preventing you from receiving payment.

Planning And Strategy For Estate Planning And Probate

For generations, families have trusted Murphy, Collins & McGill, PLC, with their estate planning. In today’s world, protecting your hard-earned legacy and ensuring that your family will be secure when you are no longer able to care for it is just as important as it ever was – perhaps even more so. If you do not take steps to clearly communicate your wishes about your choice of medical treatment in case you become incapacitated, your family could have to make difficult decisions for you that they are not ready to make. Our lawyers provide full-service estate planning, from drafting your last will and testament to handling sophisticated asset protection and generational transfer strategies. You can also turn to us for help with your loved one’s final affairs or probate matters following the death of a family member.

Exterior of the Office Building of Murphy Collins McGill | PLC | Attorneys At Law
Exterior of the Office Building of Murphy Collins McGill | PLC | Attorneys At Law

Compassion And Protection In Criminal Law And Family Law

Life sometimes throws a curveball your way. Whether you are contending with a divorce or an arrest for drunk driving, our attorneys have your back. We offer family law services such as divorce, complex marital asset division, custody and support and prenuptial agreements. While we will help you reach a mediated agreement if it is in your best interest, we are prepared to handle your case in court. You can count on our lengthy and proven litigation experience.

In addition, we also provide knowledgeable criminal defense if you are facing allegations of a misdemeanor or felony. The criminal justice system can be intimidating without an attorney protecting your rights. Our attorneys’ combined experience surpasses 75 years and is complemented by a veteran staff that has been preparing cases for almost as long.

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